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Sortation Auto Induction Station

Sortation Auto Induction Station


A sortation system requires carefully-spaced and timed product induction. As product is staged on induction conveyors, sensors must be used to ensure accurate timing and product spacing. To ensure an efficient sortation and auto-induct process, a solution must verify the presence of parcels in order to be auto-inducted.


S18-2 retroreflective sensors provide long-range, effective sensing along an auto-induct conveyor station. Polarized sensors can help with shiny surfaces by reducing false triggers.

The S18-2 retroreflective sensors are cost-effective sensors with a barrel mount style, making them easy to install along a conveyor for verification purposes and are available in retroreflective, thur-beam, diffuse or fixed-field models.

The S18-2’s advanced ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology is resistant to fluorescent light and offers a higher level of crosstalk avoidance. The sensor operates over a wide range of -40 to +70⁰ C and has a highly visible and powerful red emitter beam, which allows for easy alignment and set-up.

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S18-2 Series Cost Effective Plastic 18 mm Barrel
S18-2 Series Cost Effective Plastic 18 mm Barrel

A self-contained fluorescent light immunity sensor with cross talk avoidance has a bright visible red emitter beam for easy alignment and set-up.

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