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Detection of Cap Orientation

Detection of Cap Orientation Image

Application: Bottle caps might exit a cap sorter in the wrong orientation

Challenges: Upside-down caps results in uncapped bottles and potential jams in the capper machine.

Solution: Banner Engineering's Q3X laser diffuse sensor with 100mm background suppression

Benefits: Banner Engineering's Q3X laser sensor can reject the wrong cap before it enters the cap delivery system 

In order to keep the throughput and production speeds high on beverage filling lines, the caps need to travel and be applied at a very quick pace.  Any caps that are not oriented correctly will significantly slow down the process and create costly downtime.  A sensor is needed that can quickly identify if any caps are facing the wrong way before they reach the cap delivery system.


The Banner Q3X laser diffuse sensor with 100 mm background suppression is ideal for applications that require orientation detection.  It offers fixed background suppression which means that the sensor can be set to recognize a specific distance and ignore anything past the set point.  The Q3X is set up to detect when the top of a cap is facing toward the sensor and ignore the cap when it is facing away.  When it detects a cap facing toward the sensor, a fail output is sent and the cap is rejected and recycled back into the cap sorter.

The Q3X has a very high-speed detection rate.  It can capture up to 2,000 events per second.  It was also designed with an angled three-digit display to provide clear user feedback for an easy setup.  The rugged nickel-plated zinc housing is IP67 and IP69K, making it suitable for use in wet environments.

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