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Hard Disk Detection

Hard Disk Detection Image


To detect whether shiny disks are properly seated. Because disk surfaces are shiny, many sensors have difficulty detecting whether a hard disk is properly seated in a hard drive.


Banner Engineering’s Q3X and Q4X sensors are installed above a conveyor transporting hard disks. Typically, shiny material poses a problem for ordinary sensors. However, both the Q3X and Q4X were designed to detect shiny surfaces with a wide variety of colors, textures, and materials. When the sensing beam is directed onto a perpendicular specular surface, such as a properly seated hard disk, the sensor can determine if the disk has not been inserted correctly.

These high-performance sensors have an easy-to-read display and can be several inches away from the target and still detect smaller parts. Each sensor has a reliable sensing range up to 300 mm. They also work extremely well in conditions with very small contrast differences.

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