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Detecting Registration Marks on Labels

Detecting Registration Marks on Labels Image

Application: Cutting of labels on a reel in the correct place

Challenges: High speed and frequent changeovers

Solution: R58 Registration sensor with multiple LED colors

Benefits: Fast and adapts to different labels easily


During product packaging, labels are printed on a continuous web. The web must be precisely cut to ensure correct placement on containers. This is a high speed process and misplaced labels will result in costly delays and waste.


Banner’s R58 high-speed, low-contrast expert registration sensor detects subtle registration marks on the labels as they pass at high speed—ensuring the label is cut at precisely the right moment for correct label placement.

To accommodate frequent changeovers, the sensor is designed with LED color options—which automatically change depending which color best optimizes contrast. Three easy-to-use teach options, including dynamic, static using push buttons, and remote switch means the R58E can readily, and cost-effectively adapt, to changing product lines.

An 8-segment bar graph display provides immediate feedback for teach and signal strength. The fast 10 kHz switching frequency and 15 microsecond repeatability ensure reliability in high-speed operations. Additionally, the rugged metal housing and high-quality acrylic lens are designed to handle ambient electrical noise and vibration from presses and die cutting machinery.

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