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Tube Positioning Using a Registration Mark

Tube Positioning Using a Registration Mark Image

Application: Detecting tube positioning to avoid packaging errors

Challenges: High glossy tube material

Solution: R58 Expert registration mark sensor

Benefits: Rugged die-cast housing and acrylic lens

With highly automated processes in pharmaceutical industries, improper packaging can lead to disposal of thousands of products or down time. To avoid incorrect packaging or down time, a highly accurate sensor is needed to detect the position of a tube of cream or paste, in order to ensure tubes are oriented correctly before being sealed.


Banner’s R58 Expert registration mark color contrast sensor is a high-performing sensor with an ultra fast 10 kHz switching frequency that quickly detects registration marks, which is ideal for tube positioning applications. Even with a high-gloss surface or a low-contrast situation, the R58 Expert can easily detect the registration mark on a filled tube to determine how it should be oriented.

The R58 Expert sensor makes it easy to create optimal contrast for specific applications because it automatically selects the appropriate LED color from red, green and blue. The R58 Expert also provides simple data monitoring with an easy-to-read 8-segment bargraph display indicator for TEACH and signal strength readout and for continuous readout of output status.

With a rugged zinc alloy die-cast housing and high-quality acrylic lens, the R58 Expert is suitable for heavy-duty, wash-down environments. The R58 Expert also has models available for a parallel or perpendicular sensing image, depending on the setup and application need.

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