Object Detection on a Flat-Bed Trailer

Object Detection on a Trailer Image

Application: Sensing large objects on a flat-bed trailer

Challenges: Exposed to potentially harsh environments and a long range

Solution: QT50R Series Radar Sensor

Benefits: Rugged IP67 housing and radar technology is immune to weather and light changes

When dealing with large delivery trailers, it is important to closely monitor the material that has been loaded onto the flat-bed. Keeping a close eye on material quantity can help shipping companies maintain high efficiency in day-to-day routines. A solution is needed that can detect payload on a trailer in a wide variety of conditions.


The R-GAGE QT50R Radar Sensor is made with rugged IP67 housing and can withstand various harsh atmospheres. Radar technology is not affected by changes in weather, temperature, or ambient light and is ideal for outdoor environments. It is installed to sense large objects on the trailer bed and sends a payload status output to the cab.

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