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Drive Thru Vehicle Detection

Drive thru applications require reliable vehicle detection to alert employees of a customer's presence and ensure efficiency in the ordering process. By combining wireless vehicle detection sensors with an analytical software platform, restaurants can track the speed of service and compare drive thru times at multiple locations. Watch the video and learn how Banner Engineering's M-GAGE wireless nodes have been used to great success in drive thru applications.

Drive Thru Vehicle Detection

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Fast food restaurants depend on drive-thru sales, but it’s common to lose customers when lanes back up.

By tracking vehicles in the drive thru, quick serve restaurants can identify inefficiencies, increase customer satisfaction, and maximize sales.

But many vehicle detection technologies are expensive and require significant downtime for installation and maintenance.

Instead of running cables, use Banner Engineering’s wireless hardware, and paired with a cloud-based analytics software, create a smart, easy-to-use drive-thru solution.

This minimally invasive system eliminates the need for cables, mounting equipment, and other accessories, resulting in quick, smooth installation.

Once installed, data from the nodes is sent to a wireless controller, which aggregates and delivers the data to a cloud-based platform for real-time visibility and long-term analysis.

Partnered with a software provider, Banner’s hardware monitors drive-thru wait times and can be used to compare stores within a quick serve franchise. This creates a competitive motivational tool that improves overall performance and sales.

For example, wait times from each store can be presented on leaderboards and top stores can receive rewards for the shortest wait times.

Top-performing locations can also be used as case studies to help identify improvements for under-performing stores.

Maximize drive thru business, save costs, and monitor multiple locations with smart vehicle detection solutions from Banner Engineering.