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Q3X LD50 Laser Contrast Sensor with Fixed Background Suppression [Video]


Introducing the new Q3X laser contrast sensor, with fixed background suppression by Banner Engineering.

The combination of contrast detection within specified sensing range, and fixed background suppression beyond makes the new Q3X one of a kind.

The Q3X has background suppression capability, so it ignores targets of all colors and reflectivity’s outside its 60 mm background suppression distance.

Out of the box, the Q3X works like a fixed field sensor and reliably sees targets within the 0-50mm sensing range.

The sensor can also be programed for low contrast detection within its 0-50 mm teachable sensing range.

This overcomes the limitations of standard diffuse mode sensors where objects in the background can sometimes affect the sensor.

The LED display offers real time intensity feedback to users.

The option to distinguish between low contrast targets while ignoring objects in the background is a new problem solving sensing mode by Banner.

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