Metal Stamping

The precision demanded of the metal stamping industry requires sensors that can detect tiny flaws.

Die Press Protection

To accurately verify the position of tubing, before the die is lowered

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Hole Pattern Inspection in Stamped Metal

To inspect a repetitive hole pattern for missing holes

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Stamped Metal Pin Inspection

To check for correct count, straightness and pitch of connector pins on a stamped metal subassembly

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2D Stamped Industrial Bar Code Verification

To track manufacturing lots for quality assurance, using a bar code reader

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Guarding with Fixed Blanking

To guard a machine while allowing tooling or fixtures to pass through the sensing field

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Stamped Metal Gasket Inspection

It's important to inspect stamped gaskets as they're produced to check for accuracy and ensure the holes are stamped out correctly. Incorporating a non-contact inspection into the process decreases overall defects and increases downstream throughput.

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Large Press Guarding with an Angled Light Screen

To provide point-of-operation guarding at the opening to a high-tonnage press

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Large Press Guarding with Two Light Screen Pairs

To provide point-of-operation guarding at the opening to a high-tonnage press

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Rivet Inspection in an Automotive Horn

To verify that rivets are present and correctly placed in an automotive steering wheel component

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Sheet Metal Thickness Measurement

In the automotive industry, sheet metal stamping is the process of cutting and shaping metal alloys into automotive frame brackets and other forms using a press tool. Metal stamping dies are used to create high precision metal parts that are equal in shape and size.

Automotive metal stamping requires a specific thickness to ensure the parts are equal, and to ensure the die is not damaged during this process. As metal sheets move down the conveyor, laser displacement sensors measure the sheets on a very precise scale to ensure they are the correct thickness. In this sheet metal stamping application, it is important that the frame brackets and other metal components are identical and that the die is not damaged to prevent down time and costly repairs.

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Stack Height Detection of Metal Parts

In the metal stamping industry, dies are used to create highly accurate, quality parts. During the production of stamped metal parts, individual pieces need to be moved from die station to die station. Mechanical transfer devices grip and move these pieces in order to complete a progression of operations. Gripping devices need to know when a stack of metal sheets is at a certain height so the parts can be moved to the next station.

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