Wireless Q45 Sensors

SureCross Wireless Q45 Sensors combine the best of Banner’s flexible Q45 sensor family with its reliable, field-proven, SureCross wireless architecture.

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SureCross Wireless Q45 Sensors

SureCross FlexPower Node

Wireless Innovation
Analog, Discrete, Temperature, and Serial inputs and outputs
Transceiver pairs replace a single signal cable
Scalable industrial wireless sensor networks collect thousands of signals
FlexPower® options include battery, solar, and DC power
Integrated Site Survey analyzes the wireless link status
900 MHz and 2.4 GHz license-free radios
Multi-layer security protocol protects your data
IP67, Intrinsically Safe, and Class I Division 2 models

Download Banner's SureCross® brochure for general wireless information or go to the model selection page for a complete listing of wireless products.


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