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Coding & Marking Solutions for Beverage Packaging

The beverage industry has many rules and regulations in place to make sure that the highest quality products are being delivered to customers. In order to keep track of when and where bottles were filled and packaged, date/lot codes need to be present on the bottles. 

Ordinarily, the date/lot codes indicate when a product was finished and exactly which manufacturing plant it was made in. Printing these codes onto labels or bottles is necessary for a company’s quality control and tracing purposes. If a product were to be recalled or needed to be tracked for any other reason after it has left the facility, date/lot codes aid in that process. This is especially important in the beverage industry as the distribution area is very large and recalls can affect countless households.

Batch coding machines are used to print easy-to-read and lasting date and lot information onto bottles in order to meet industry requirements. Banner Engineering offers a variety of products that would work very well in the beverage industry to reduce date coding errors. Using our cost-effective and washdown suitable products, Banner can solve various batch coding applications such as triggering the printer to detecting date code presence and absence. Making use of these quick and responsive sensors, vision systems, or safety equipment helps keep the beverage filling line running smoothly and efficiently.


Featured Applications

Trigger Sensing on Printer
Trigger Sensing on Printer

In the beverage industry, date/lot codes are mandatory on all products in order to identify when and where a product was manufactured. Finding a solution that can accurately identify the bottle caps and then trigger a machine to print the date/lot codes onto the bottle is required.

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