All Pharmaceutical Solutions

  1. Blister Pack Inspection

    To verify each blister in the pack, use an iVu Series sensor configured for an Area inspection. The sensor inspects each blister pack to make sure that each blister contains an unbroken tablet.

  2. Inspecting Blister Packs for Tablet Placement, Position and Shape

    A single VE Series Smart Camera, adjacent to the machine’s outfeed, inspects multiple rows of blister pack trays in a single inspection. The camera is installed approximately 36 cm over the production line and an LED backlight is installed 10 cm below the production line.

  3. LED Lights Used To Inspect Liquid Pharmaceuticals [Success Story]

    One global provider of healthcare products had been using vision machines to detect particulates in their liquid pharmaceuticals. When the machines were no longer able to detect contaminants to the required percentage level, the company began using human visual inspections. Since many of the particulates are extremely minute, the company needed to install bright and highly uniform illumination in their work stations so operators could effectively verify the quality of products.

  4. Date/Lot Code Inspection

    To verify each package has a date/lot code printed on it, an iVu Series sensor is configured for a Match inspection. An image of the date/lot code is captured. When the inspection is running, if the sensor detects a package without the date/lot code the sensor sends a fail output to the line, and the product is rejected.

  5. Box Insert Detection

    To confirm that each unit includes a product information insert, an iVu Series sensor is mounted above the packaging line. The sensor is configured for a Match inspection, and checks that the product information leaflet is inserted into each package of medication. The leaflet can be placed in any orientation, but must beface up.The sensor can detect 360 degrees of rotation to find the insert.

  6. Inspection of Stoppers in Vials for Correct Seal

    To ensure that a stopper is properly inserted as each vial leaves the filling station, an iVu Series sensor—set up for an Area with Motion application—verifies that the vial has a stopper inserted into its neck and that the stopper is positioned correctly to provide a proper seal on the glass vial. If the stopper is missing or incorrectly positioned, then the sensor sends a fail output to the line.

  7. Pharmaceutical Insert Verification

    An iVu BCR sensor is mounted 8-12 inches above a conveyor of boxed pill bottles containing a medical information insert. The iVu BCR industrial bar code scanner reads a data matrix code on the insert to verify it matches the product on the packaging line. When a box containing an incorrect insert or no insert at all moves past the iVu BCR inspection area, the iVu detects this fail condition and sends an output alarm to the production line.

  8. Blemish Detection on Bandage

    The iVu TG and iVu Plus TG are the perfect sensors to monitor materials and ensure that they meet quality standards. With an easy-to-use LCD flat-panel touch screen, the iVu gives the operator complete control and immediate feedback for setup and monitoring of products. There are three sensor types, including area, match and blemish, which is the best mode for this application.

  9. Glass Vial Chip Inspection

    The solution uses a PresencePLUS P4 OMNI, a Standard 16 mm lens, and an On-Axis Diffused LED light. A Geometric Count tool that was used to build the inspection searches the entire image for the pattern of a good vial. The pattern consists of edge outlines of the inside and outside diameters (ID and OD) of the vial opening. A mask is used to remove the reflection from the inside bottom of the vial.

  10. Detecting the Positioning and Presence of Tamper Evident Bands

    Banner iVu TG vision sensor with multi-point inspections is ideal for detecting and evaluating the position of tamper-evident bands. In this application, the band should be positioned around both the cap and the neck of a bottle. A seal positioned too high, too low, or completely missing would be considered unacceptable. With multi-point inspection, the iVu TG vision sensor can simultaneously detect missing and poorly positioned bands.

  11. Position Verification for Vial Filling

    It is critical to verify the position of the stoppers since improperly sealed or positioned stoppering can compromise the product's integrity. Vision inspection offers a flexible, powerful, and effective method to inspect for seal quality and stopper position for the vial filling process. For stoppers with full insertion, we are looking for the minimal amount of gap between the bottom of a stopper relative to the top of a vial.

  12. Full Case Detection and Cap Color Inspection

    A PresencePLUS P4 COLOR OMNI vision sensor verifies that a case is fully packed with bottles with matching bottle caps. The sensor detects whether any bottles are missing from the case, whether any bottles are uncapped, and whether any caps are the wrong color.

  13. Blister Pack Inspection by Color

    Tightened federal regulations make the quality of pharmaceutical packaging increasingly critical. A PresencePLUS Pro COLOR vision sensor inspects blister packs to make sure each blister contains the correct tablet and that the tablet is not broken. It also detects empty blisters and those containing foreign matter.

  14. Detecting Bottle Caps of Various Colors

    As plastic bottles pass below the WORLD-BEAM Q12 Sensor, the fixed-field beam identifies bottles with caps—no matter what their color—and rejects bottles that are missing caps from the line. The Q12’s laser-like LED beam sharply cutoffs at 15 mm, 30 mm and 50 mm range, ensuring it won’t mistake objects inside the bottle for caps.

  15. Code Inspection on Clear Bottles

    A PresencePLUS OMNI inspects the neck of a clear plastic bottle to verify that the date/lot code has been imprinted on the bottle. It also confirms that the cap is properly applied and that the bottle's fill level is within the acceptable range.

  16. Vial Placement Verification

    After a technician places vials in a tray based on each vial's color-coded lid, a PresencePLUS P4 COLOR OMNI verifies that the pattern of colored vial lids is correct.

  17. Capping and Fill Inspection

    As glass bottles pass on a high-speed conveyor, a PresencePLUS P4 COLOR OMNI confirms that each bottle is completely filled and makes sure that the stopper is fully inserted and is the correct color. The dual area lights create the optimum contrast for the inspection.

  18. Detecting Clear Glass and Plastic PET Bottles in Washdown Environments

    Detect clear glass and PET plastic bottles with various shapes and sizes. Washdown environment, IP69K ratings.

  19. Hygienic Sensors for Glass Vial Detection in Harsh Chemical Environment

    Sensor solutions to detect clear vials in pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing where a hygenic sensor is needed in a harsh chemical washdown environment.

  20. Accurate Counting of Transparent Pharmaceutical Bottles

    Sensor solutions to count translucent and reflective glass vials in high-speed processes requiring quick response times and challenging light conditions.

  21. Detecting Clear Pharmaceutical Vials Filled With Liquid

    Sensor solutions to detect glass vials filled with transparent liquid in an aseptic, stainless steel environment with rounded bottles.

  22. Transparent Glass Bottle, Vial, or Plate Detection

    Sensor solutions to recognize clear glass vials and bottles in high-speed application with precise leading edge detection.

  23. Detection of Clear Liquids in Transparent Packaging

    Sensor solutions to detect I.V. bags, glass vials, syringes and pharmaceutical packaging. Fill level inspections ensure product content amounts are accurate.

  24. Detecting Registration Marks on Labels

    Banner’s R58 high-speed, low-contrast expert registration sensor detects subtle registration marks on the labels as they pass at high speed—ensuring the label is cut at precisely the right moment for correct label placement. To accommodate frequent changeovers, the sensor is designed with LED color options—which automatically change depending which color best optimizes contrast.

  25. Tube Positioning Using a Registration Mark

    Banner’s R58 Expert registration mark color contrast sensor is a high-performing sensor with an ultra fast 10 kHz switching frequency that quickly detects registration marks, which is ideal for tube positioning applications. Even with a high-gloss surface or a low-contrast situation, the R58 Expert can easily detect the registration mark on a filled tube to determine how it should be oriented.

  26. Track Vials Through an Automated Clinical Laboratory

    Banner Engineering's Q12 miniature self-contained sensor detects pucks that hold vials as they move through an automated clinical laboratory. Poor performing sensors could inadvertently cause errors and slow down the throughput of the lab. The Q12 is a good fit for clinical laboratories because it is small and can fit into confined spaces without affecting results. The fixed field sensor can also detect pucks regardless of color.

  27. Cap Orientation Verification

    Banner’s Q4X laser sensor, made of 316L grade stainless steel, is very suitable for pharmaceutical environments and other aseptic filling areas. The Q4X has a sensing range of 25 to 300 mm, precise beam spot size and can effectively detect the orientation of caps as they exit a feeder bowl. If any caps are upside down, the Q4X will detect a height difference and reject the cap.

  28. High-Speed Tablet Counting With DF-G2

    Banner’s DF-G2 small object detection fiber amplifier is ideal for small object detection and counting applications. The DF-G2 amplifier has a fast response speed and can detect extremely small sizes, such as 3 mm tablets or pills. When the tablets fall into bottles, it fires an output to the DF-G2 fiber amplifier, which keeps count of tablets.

  29. Counting Gel-Caps in Pharmaceutical Bottling Applications

    To solve this application, Banner Engineering has paired the technology of the D10D Expert with fiber optic arrays optimized for small object counting to create the D10 Expert Small Object Counter. The preconfigured fiber optic arrays of the Small Object Counter make alignment and object positioning control less critical than when using single point emitter and receiver fiber optic assemblies. This assures reliable, consistent small object counting.

  30. Call For Parts

    Installing a signal to parts bins is a simple solution to keeping parts bins stocked and the assembly line productive. The EZ-LIGHT K80 Call Light is a large illuminated signal the operator turns on before parts are depleted. The K80 flashes red to signal stocking personnel to replenish bin supplies. In flexible manufacturing environments, operator stations and work cells must allow for quick changes to assembly and manufacturing lines.

  31. Package Inspection Using Diffuse-Mode Laser Sensors

    A WORLD-BEAM QS18LD diffuse-mode laser sensor can be used to accurately inspect each package as it passes on a conveyor. The sensor emits a visible Class 1 laser sensing beam, focused on the piece of tape used to seal the package. When the top of the box is closed and sealed correctly, the tape will return the sensing beam back to the receiver.

  32. Part Pick Indication for Small Bins

    To reduce the risk of error in an assembly operation, a one-piece EZ-LIGHT PVD pick-to-light sensor with a 400 mm range is interfaced with a process controller programmed with the correct assembly sequence. The controller makes the PVDs light up in the correct order, to show the assembler which part to pick. After the PVD detects that the assembler's hand has entered and left the bin, the controller signals the PVD of the next bin in the pick sequence to light up.

  33. High-Speed 2D Barcode Inspection

    Banner’s iVu Plus BCR Gen 2 with remote display offers an easy to use solution for reading barcodes to ensure correct labels have been applied. The iVu Plus BCR Gen 2 models provide both a fine mode, for reading smaller barcodes that require full resolution, and coarse mode, for applications where speed is critical.

  34. Industrial Barcode Verification of Two Codes

    Medicine bottle labels include both a linear and a 2-dimensional barcode. The PresencePLUS P4 BCR reads both types simultaneously to verify that they are correct.

  35. Pharmaceutical Product ID and Lot Control

    The Pro, equipped wtih a barcode reader tool, enhances compliance with federal requirements for identifying and tracking pharmaceutical products.

  36. Industrial Barcode Verification on Clear Labels

    The iVu and iVu Plus with UV ring light are an ideal solution for detecting barcodes in a low contrast situation. The iVu is coupled with UV illumination for an all-in-one solution that improves contrast on clear labels so bar codes are easily detected.

  37. Machine Illumination for Inspection and Testing Procedures

    Machine lighting inside of automated clinical labs helps operators see and access the samples and equipment being used inside. These types of environments can be difficult on traditional lights because of the reagents and chemicals used during testing and cleaning. The WLS28-2 is rated IP69K to withstand chemicals and washdowns.

  38. Machine Status Indication in Automated Clinical Laboratories

    Clinical labs need to process samples quickly to keep throughput high and any lag during testing procedures would disrupt workflow. LED lightings, such as the K50L2, works as machine status indication so that the lab operators can process fix errors, handle samples, and collect results in a timely manner.

  39. Liquid Level Monitoring

    Banner’s U-GAGE QT50U ultrasonic analog long distance sensor has a narrow sensing beam that works in confined areas, such as the tank, without interference from the tank walls and senses with an extended range up to 8 m. The ultrasonic sensor can be mounted to the center so that the beam spreads over the tank to detect the fluid level without interference, while signaling when to pump out excess liquid and pump in additional liquid.

  40. Liquid in Container Detection

    Banner combined the technology of WORLD-BEAM QS30 opposed mode sensors, which provide high excess gain, with a 1450 nm infrared sensing beam—specially tuned to an absorption band of water, to create the QS30H2O Water Sensor. In this application, the powerful sensing beam of the QS30H2O will burn through the opaque plastic of the container. At 1450 nm, water absorbs 1,000 times the energy of alternative wavelengths, preventing the beam from burning through the liquid within the container.

  41. Bottle Fill Level Detection

    The Q4X analog sensor is set up in trigger mode and uses the averaging feature to provide a more consistent fill level measurement. Banner’s Q3X sensor, whose output wire is tied to the Q4X’s remote input wire, is used to detect the leading edge of the pill bottle and has a one-shot output timer setup based on the conveyor speed to determine when and how long the Q4X will measure.

  42. Wireless Monitoring Retrofit in a Pre-Certified Facility

    SureCross Nodes with FlexPower and Banner U-GAGE QT50U analog sensors quickly and easily facilitate these monitoring requirements without new construction and wiring. The FlexPower Node transmits the sensor data back to the Gateway device. When using a Gateway Pro, data is logged and alerts can be sent when fluid levels reach critical levels.

  43. Loop Control of Clear Plastic

    The detection of clear plastic is always a challenge. The optical beam of traditional photoelectric sensors will burn through clear material, making sensing results unreliable. The U-GAGE T30UX Series Ultrasonic Sensor uses pulses of ultrasonic energy, which reflect off the target and back to the sensor, to reliably detect clear materials. In this application, a T30UX with an analog output is being used to monitor the tension of the loop.

  44. Clear Material Loop Control

    Banner’s T30UX ultrasonic sensor is the perfect sensor for detecting clear material for loop control because it uses sound rather than light, which makes it more accurate and cost-effective for this specific application. Although the material is clear, it presents a solid surface for an ultrasonic sensor to bounce a sound wave. The T30UX has a more accurate transducer, a smaller dead zone and minimum distance compared to other sensors that can be used for clear material detection.

  45. Work Light for Pharmaceutical Packaging Inspection

    Liquid-dosage pharmaceutical product packaging inspections involve minute human visual inspections, making it important to have bright and highly uniform illumination.

  46. Blue LED Sensor Detects Amber Bottles

    A recent industry switch from polypropene (PP) to polyethylene terephthalate (PETE) bottles prompted a leading US mail-order facility to re-evaluate their fulfillment process. With over 2,000 red LED sensors to be replaced, the facility turned to Banner for a solution.

  47. Syringe Inspection

    The DF-G1 sensor can be easily configured for detection of small targets, such as syringes, in a limited space packaging process. With Banner's powerful TEACH and SET methods, optimal gain and threshold can be used for a range of applications, including low contrast and long range applications.

  48. Counting Syringes with a Slot Sensor

    In this application, the semi-transparent syringes have been oriented in a feeder bowl (not shown) and are moving down a rail in preparation for the next stage of assembly and packaging. A Banner SLM Slot Sensor is ideal for this application because the sensor housing is equipped with an emitter and receiver on the end of each fork, creating a perfectly aligned opposed-mode sensing beam for the syringes to pass through.

  49. Medicine Bottle Detection for Filling

    The WORLD-BEAM QS30 in adjustable-field mode detects the presence of plastic medication bottles of various colors and relays the information to a filling device.

  50. Counting Syringes Using Background Suppression

    As syringes pass on a conveyor, a WORLD-BEAM QS18 with background suppression detects the individual barrels, passing the information to a counting device.