All Automated Diagnostics Solutions

  1. Detecting Clear Glass and Plastic PET Bottles

    Banner’s Q4X clear object detection sensor measures the distance to and light intensity of a stable background condition, such as a smooth or painted surface. This allows the sensor to reliably detect a broad range of translucent objects without the use of a reflector.

  2. Clear Bottle Detection

    Banner’s Q26 Clear Object Detection sensor is ideal for this type of application because it quickly and reliably detects clear and transparent objects and its coaxial design results in higher positional accuracy, which allows for precise leading edge detection. With a coaxial optical design, the emitted and reflected light travels along the same axis, which allows for very short sensor and reflector separation distances, ranging from 5 to 800 mm.

  3. I.V. Bag Liquid Detection

    Banner’s QS30H2O was developed specifically to address challenges with optically sensing the presence of water and water based-liquids. The QS30H2O operates in a through beam sensing mode and the emitter has a unique LED with a 1450 nm wavelength in the mid-IR (infrared) range—a wavelength that is easily attenuated by water.

  4. Scalable Safety Control for Large Assembly Processes

    Banner’s XS26-2 expandable safety controller is a scalable safety solution that can be tailored for a wide variety of machines, including large scale machines with multiple processes. With the ability to add up to eight I/O expansion modules, the XS26-2 has the capacity to adapt to larger footprint machines with multiple hazards and access points. Several preconfigured safety function and logic blocks are available in the intuitive programming software.