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Sensors for Detecting Transparent Objects

Pharmaceutical Bottles Detected by Sensors

By definition, transparent objects allow light to pass freely through them, which is a primary reason why they can be so difficult to detect. Material color, shape, size, faceting, and reflectivity can further complicate detection. Additionally, the harsh, hazardous, washdown and aseptic environments common to many applications challenge the reliability, performance, and longevity of the sensors used to detect transparent materials.

Matching the design, sensing technology, and product features of a sensor to the specific needs of an application makes for a more effective solution. Some sensing technologies may work better in specific conditions or may be more effective with certain materials. Design and feature considerations for sensors used in hygienic environments may be quite different from those of sensors used in packaging applications. Fortunately, Banner Engineering offers sensors designed and developed to overcome these challenges and reliably solve a broad range of clear object detection applications.

Not sure which technology is right for your application?  Check out our article on how to choose the right type of sensor for clear object detection. 

QS18 Series Clear Object Sensor
1 min  27 secs 
DF-G3: A Powerful and Compact Solution for Liquid Level Detection
1 min  21 secs 
Q26 Clear Object Detection Sensor
1 min  23 secs 
Q4X Laser Distance Sensor
1 min  47 secs 
 How to Choose the Best Sensor for Clear Object Detection
How to Choose the Best Sensor for Clear Object Detection

19 Dec 2016

Understand the differences between common sensor types in Clear Object Detection applications, such as ultrasonic vs. photoelectic retroreflective sensors.

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3 Solutions for Semiconductor Wafer Presence Detection
3 Solutions for Semiconductor Wafer Presence Detection

7 Jul 2017

See 3 solutions to reliably detect clear and reflective semiconductor wafers in a vacuum chamber.

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Why Use Polarized Coaxial Optics For Detecting Clear Objects
Why Use Polarized Coaxial Optics For Detecting Clear Objects

5 Dec 2016

Clear object detection sensors are sensitive to variations in light and benefit from polarized coaxial optical design to reduce false detection from reflected light.

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  1. Rugged Q4X laser distance sensor solves many challenging applications and comes in a rugged IP69K rating with FDA food grade stainless steel housing.

  2. A powerful, problem-solving sensor in a cost-effective device with industry-standard rectangular housing. With a range from 50 mm to 5 m, the Q5X provides reliable detection of the most challenging targets.

  3. All purpose photoelectric sensor with universal housing design and 18 mm threaded barrel is an ideal replacement for hundreds of other sensor styles.

  4. The QM26 withstands high-pressure washdown environments and is easy to mount for hassle-free setup.

  5. The QMH26 is designed with minimal grooves and crevices, making it easy to clean and ideal for clean-in-place (CIP) applications.

  6. The Q26 features coaxial optics and LO/DO switch for clear, translucent or opaque objects including mirror-like surfaces.

  7. Compact, right-angle ultrasonic sensors with built-in temperature compensation. Available in analog or configurable discrete models. 3 m sensing range.

  8. Barrel ultrasonic sensor is Ideal for material handling and packaged goods applications: bottling or liquid level detection. Sensing range < 300 mm.

  9. Features a completely sealed, shock-resistant housing that is ideal for tank level monitoring of liquids as well as solids.

  10. Waterproof, stainless steel, ultrasonic sensors were purpose-built to deliver flawless operation in food processing and other sanitary industries.

  11. Ultrasonic sensor detects items regardless of color, material, or transparency. Senses within 50 to 500 mm window with 15 millisecond response time.

  12. Right-angle sensor with 30mm threaded barrel and sensing range up to 2 m. Popular for pump in pump out switching logic for tank level monitoring.

  13. Versatile sensor accepts programming storage cards for fast, easy sensing parameter changes with ranges up to 3 m.

  14. Precision programmability to resolve object presence to within 0.6 mm. Plastic or stainless steel housing with threaded barrel or Flat-Pak sensing head.

  15. High-frequency ultrasonic emitter and tuned receiver for accurate opposed-mode sensing. T-style right-angle housing with 18 mm threaded nose.

  16. The K50U wireless ultrasonic sensor makes it easy to monitor mobile and remotely located tanks and totes.