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Illumination and Indication for PCB Assembly

WLS27 Multicolor PCB Assembly

Customer Requirements: Area lighting and machine status indication during PCB assembly

Solution: WLS27 Multicolor LED Strip Lights with EZ-STATUS™

Why Banner? Versatile - Multicolor models provide bright, even illumination along with highly visible indication in one robust device

Customer Benefits

Increase productivity and quality – Operators can focus on the task at hand instead of concentrating on machine status

Mobile – Magnetic mounting options are available for purchase to make the multicolor LED strip light easy to move 

Lighting is Key to Printed Circuit Board Assembly

A global electronics manufacturer has numerous PCB assembly machines in operation at the same time in a fast-paced and busy environment. Operator assistance is frequently needed as product runs out, PCB boards are completed, or issues arise on the line. With the busy working environment, it can be easy to miss when machines need attention which then significantly affects throughput and workflow on the line. An easy-to-see indication system needs to be put in place to prevent poor machine maintenance.

Indication Challenges During PCB Manufacturing

Electronic assembly stations are usually heavily automated processes and can become a noisy or hectic environment. Operators are working on multiple machines at the same time and multitasking is common. Smaller more compact indicators, such as buttons or tower lights, can become overlooked if employees are frequently moving from station to station. The high noise levels can potentially limit the effects of an audible indicator alarm as well.

The electronics industry is always growing and expanding which means that manufacturers often change the how their floorplans and workspaces are organized to adapt to changing demands. Lighting product should have easy installation and removable hardware to better adapt to the environment.

Banner's new WLS27 Multicolor LED Strip Light with EZ-STATUS™ retains the round, rugged design of the original WLS27 providing a long work life in harsh work environments and washdown areas. Add versatility to your lighting application. Install a single light for illumination and indication, simplifying your spare parts list and improving visibility.

Make PCB Fabrication Easy with New LED Technology

Banner Engineering’s WLS27 Multicolor LED Strip Lights with EZ-STATUS is an innovative solution for PCB assembly lines. These bright LED lights are available in three- and five-color models and provide both bright illumination and highly visible status indication in one rugged fixture. Positioning the strip lights above the assembly machines illuminates the work area to assist with operations but can also be programmed to fill the work area with colored light that corresponds to a condition on the machine. This type of indication provides an unmistakable alert to staff in the area. For instance, if there is an error or jam on the machine the EZ-STATUS strip light would turn red and cover the machine with brilliant red light so that operators can easily see which machine needs attention. Operators can focus on normal sight lines without having to look away for indication, maintaining production efficiency. The lights can also create high contrast to assist with inspection of components.

The round, rugged design withstands impact and is water resistant IP66, IP67, and IP69K rated housing. The multicolor WLS27 strip lights are incredibly versatile for frequently changing environments. They are available in four different lengths and have various mounting options available to make installation and repositioning easy. Providing illumination and indication with one single light helps reduce spare parts lists and overhead costs.


There are many ways that lights can be used in industrial manufacturing. Selecting the proper lighting for electronics assembly can increase productivity, reduce downtime, and optimize each application. The WLS27 Multicolor LED strip light with EZ-STATUS is a versatile and easy way to add illumination and indication into a workspace without purchasing separate lights. These lights are rugged, chemically resistant, and feature an aerodynamic cylindrical shape with cascadable models available.

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WLS27 Multicolor LED Strip Light with EZ-STATUS®
WLS27 Multicolor LED Strip Light with EZ-STATUS®

Combines brilliant, bright illumination and high-visibility indication. Linear models fully encased in shatterproof, chemically resistant housing. Rated IP69K for washdown.

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