Depalletizer Guarding with Muting Pair

Depalletizer Guarding with Muting Pair Image

Application: Safe-guarding of area where pallets of empty bottles or cans enter into the depalletizer.

Challenges: Complicated and troublesome wiring and implementation.

Solution: Banner Engineering's XS26-2 Safety Controller with EZ-Screen safety light curtains and muting sensors.

Benefits: Fast and easy muting configuration and wiring

The pallet entry of a depalletizer needs to be guarded to prevent workers from entering during machine operation.   The “sweep bar” which is responsible for pushing a layer of bottles onto the conveyor is one particularly big hazard in this area.  A muting configuration is required since pallets will still need to pass into the guarded area.     


The Banner EZ Screen Light curtains are a perfect solution to guard the entry point and protect workers from the hazards inside.  The muting sensors are placed strategically so that, as the pallet blocks the beams, the light curtains are muted until the pallet has passed through the area completely.

Utilizing the Banner XS26-2 Safety controller for safeguarding the area will simplify the muting configuration and wiring.  Using the free software, you will find an easy to use configuration tool with bright colorful icons that actually creates a wiring diagram and ladder logic diagram for you.  Normally complex operations like muting are made easy with function blocks.  You simply drag and drop with the mouse to make the connections.  Then take advantage of status outputs from the controller to enunciate the system conditions using one of Banner’s EZ Lights LED indicators.            

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