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To measure height, length and width of boxes for storage and to collect cubing information for shipping


Cartons moving on a conveyor pass between three pairs of EZ-ARRAY measuring light curtains. The total number of beams blocked for each pair indicates the size, which is sent to a sorter as an analog signal. A PLC then diverts each carton to the appropriate storage location.

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Measuring Arrays: EZ-ARRAY Series
Measuring Arrays: EZ-ARRAY Series

EZ-ARRAY excels at high-speed, precise process monitoring and inspection, profiling and web-guiding applications with quick and simple installation. Applications include edge and center-guiding, loop tension control, hole sizing, parts counting and on-the-fly product sizing and profiling. Closely spaced infrared beams detect objects as small as 5 mm wide edge resolution is 2.5 mm. Controller functionality is built into the receiver, so basic setup requires no controller, software, or PC. IO-Link, Modbus-RTU, and RS-485 models are available.

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