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Exit Chute Jam Indication

Exit Chute Jam Indication Image


As products enter the exit shoot from a sortation system, occasionally a product can jam or back up the flow due to the exit chute being full. In order to keep the process running smoothly, the exit chute needs to stay open and there needs to be confirmation that products made it through.


Banner’s Q30FF600 background suppression sensor confirms when a product enters the exit chute to ensure it came off the sortation system and that there isn’t a jam in the product chute. The Q30FF600 has long range sensing up to 600 mm, which is the standard width of many chutes. With a long sensing range, the Q30FF600 background suppression sensor provides reliable detection of products coming out of the exit chute, ensuring there are no package or product jams without the need to mount a reflector.

In the event of a jam, Banner’s TL50 tower light provides highly bright visual management to let operators know that there is an issue. The TL50 is lit green when everything is running smoothly for optimal operation, and turns red to indicate a jam.

The pairing of the Q30FF600 photoelectric sensor and the TL50 tower light provides a reliable, easy-to-use exit chute jam detection and indication.

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