Highly Visible Indication in Extremely Bright Environment

Highly Visible Indication in Extremely Bright Environment Image


Large windows are commonly being installed in factories to allow more ambient light during the day. Although natural light is useful for operators on the factory floor, the light hinders indicator visibility, limiting the overall efficiency of manufacturing processes. To proceed quickly and efficiently, machines and other factory equipment need to have extremely bright, visible indication even in the midst of ambient light.


Banner’s EZ-LIGHT TL50 Beacon Tower Light is visible in daylight, making it ideal for many indication status applications. It is durable and equipped with long-lasting, energy-efficient LEDs, helping guide operators on the factory floor.

Displaying up to five lights in a single tower in up to 10 different colors, Banner Tower Lights offer extremely bright indication from all angles. Tower lights have an optional audible function with variable intensity that is easily adjusted and alerts operators of multiple machine statuses for clear communication. There are several mounting accessories available and housing colors are available in black or light gray.

Featured Products

50 mm Tower Lights: TL50 Series
50 mm Tower Lights: TL50 Series

Banner's TL50 Tower Lights are designed to be exceptionally bright with a long, visible indication range, providing excellent operational status for workers and supervisors. Models featuring IO-Link communication are easy to integrate into most industrial networks and can be remotely controlled and monitored.

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