Light Receiver Detects Broad Spectrum of Lights

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The automotive industry often requires verification of interior and exterior light functions during the manufacturing process. It is common to test lights in each subassembly before shipping to the automotive manufacturer’s final assembly plant. If a part has an LED or incandescent light that does not work properly, the Tier 1 supplier could pay a fine or have inventory placed in containment.


Banner’s DF-G1 fiber optic light receiver is a unique, cost-effective product that is designed to be placed directly in test equipment to ensure lights are functioning correctly. With the same intuitive dual display and programming interface as other DF-G1 models, the light receiver can be integrated and interfaced with assembly and test equipment control systems for pass/fail inspection.

In this application, the PLC ensures all four DF-G1 light receivers have active outputs. If one or more outputs are off, the tail light assembly is rejected and sent to quality control for evaluation.

Banner’s DF-G1 fiber optic light receiver is extremely sensitive and can detect wavelengths from 410 nm to near infrared (~700 to 1400 nm). Glass fibers are recommended for infrared light detection applications. Lenses are also available to aid in reducing the angle of acceptance, which can help increase the application contrast and minimize ambient light influences.

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