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Machine Status Indication with Highly Visible, Bright Light

Machine Status Indication with Highly Visible, Bright Light Image


It is vital that operators can quickly and easily determine the status of machines to ensure efficient processes throughout a factory. Knowing the current status of a machine helps employees make decisions faster to ensure the machine is working properly. An indicator solution is needed to help alert operators of various machine conditions.


With a big, bright design, the TL70 Modular Tower Light provides extremely bright and uniform light to indicate machine status. The highly visible tower light enables better visual management by allowing operators to quickly check machine status and constantly monitor machine processes.

The TL70 Tower Light is available pre-assembled or can be ordered as separate modular segments for a customized solution. The tower light can have up to five light segments in a single tower plus one audible module with a loud 92 dB adjustable alarm and four selectable tones, including pulsed, chirp, siren and continuous.

The tower light can be viewed from all angles and appears gray when off, avoiding false indication from ambient light. The TL70 tower light indicator is robust with an IP65 rating, ideal for industrial use. With a modular design, the TL70 light can be customized as needed and change positions in the field depending on application needs.

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