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Wireless Call for Parts

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Call for parts applications require efficient processes to ensure products are built with quality and attention to detail. To improve efficiency, assemblers at work stations need a way to call for parts and service that doesn’t require them to leave their workstations. Getting parts more quickly improves production efficiency, and using a system of remote indicators allows supervisors to see the each work station’s status, so they can quickly fix production problems.


With high-quality LED lights and multiple colors in one device, Banner's multi-segment audibleTL50, combined with the K50 Touch and PM8 wireless system result in efficient call for part processes. To begin, Banner’s K50 ergonomic touch buttons are installed in a supervisor station and numbered according to their corresponding PML8 Wireless Nodes, which are installed at individual workstations along with an audible tower light.

When an assembler runs out of parts, he or she presses a push button installed at the workstation. The push button signals the TL50 tower light to change from green to red and actuates the tower lights audible alarm to notify supervisors of the parts shortage. The PML8 wireless node is also actuated and signals the corresponding K50 touch buttons at the supervisor station to change from green to red, communicating to supervisors exactly which workstation needs more parts or help.

Once parts are delivered to the proper workstation, the supervisor touches the K50 indicator touch button to verify the parts have been delivered, changing the K50 from red to green. If assemblers are low on products, there is another station push button that changes the TL50 Tower Light and K50 indicator to yellow. This serves as a warning to supervisors and allows them to get parts to the assemblers faster.

Efficient call for parts process and a smooth communication process ensures supervisors help assemblers reach high production goals and help with any productivity issues. Banner’s system of remote indicators, tower lights and wireless creates an efficient call for parts process with optimal productivity.

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