VE Series Smart Cameras - Emulator Overview [Video]


Hello and welcome to the Banner video tutorial series. This video was designed to help you use the VE Emulator found in the Banner Vision Manager software.

The emulator looks and behaves just like the VE Smart Camera and does not require hardware to use.

The emulator can be used to create new inspections, troubleshoot existing inspections, or learn about VE capabilities and features.

The Vision Manager software is free to download at

To connect to the emulator, click the green arrow.

As a default you will see a variety of Banner logo images automatically included in the Vision Manager software installation.

These images can be used for demo and training purposes. 

The emulator looks and behaves just like the VE Series Smart Camera.

To have the emulator run on different saved images, go to the home screen.

Press the stop button to disconnect from the emulator.

Now you can change the image location directory.

Select the folder containing the new images you would like to use.

Next, select the inspection location.

This is the folder where the emulator will automatically save the inspection file.

Now when you click the green arrow, the emulator restarts using the new images.

Valid files for image location directory include 8-bit grayscale bitmaps and VE Camera inspection logs.

Bitmap images should be the same resolution as the VE Camera.

New inspection files made with the emulator can be found in the inspection location directory.



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