Secondary Beverage Packaging Solutions

  1. Unfinished Can Detection

    WORLD-BEAM Q20 polarized retroreflective mode sensors use polarizing filters to detect only the light returned from the retroreflector, ignoring light returned from shiny objects. Natural light is made up of waves having a variety of polarizations. Photoelectric sensors with polarizing filters emit and detect only light waves of a specific polarization while rejecting unwanted light of other polarizations.

  2. Trigger on Shrink Sleeve Labels

    Our new Q4X laser clear object detection sensor works very well in an application such as this. The Q4X is completely sealed and made of robust IP69K-rated FDA-grade stainless steel making it resilient to even the most harsh environments and it also was created with a simple “point, teach, and go” setup. It has an intuitive interface and an easy-to-read angled display. This ease of use makes it ideal for a variety of factory floors, including the beverage industry.

  3. Presence of Shrink Sleeve Label and Correct Label Verification

    The P4 OMNI vision camera is located immediately after the bottles leave the labeler which assures that the presentation of the label will be in a repeatable manner and therefore can be compared to a stored image for a match. The P4 OMNI is sealed to IP68 and made with nickel plated zinc housing.

  4. Date/Lot Code Presence or Absence Detection

    Banner Engineering’s SLM series slot sensor, along with the iVu TG image sensor with Integrated Display, can be utilized to detect the passing bottles and match an image to the one printed on the bottle. During the labeling process a SLM series slot sensor is used to consistently identify each bottle as it passes by the sensor. At this point, the slot sensor will trigger the iVu vision system to verify that the codes have been printed onto the bottles.

  5. Roll Diameter on Labels

    In the beverage industry, labels need to be applied to the bottles quickly and without error to keep production levels high. Accurately monitoring the thickness on a spool of labels and controlling the unwinding speed is very important for the process to run smoothly. A solution is needed that can accurately supervise and report the material levels on a spool in order to prevent it from running out during the manufacturing process and delaying production.

  6. Trigger Sensing on Printer

    In the beverage industry, date/lot codes are mandatory on all products in order to identify when and where a product was manufactured. Finding a solution that can accurately identify the bottle caps and then trigger a machine to print the date/lot codes onto the bottle is required.