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Palletizer Solutions for Beverage Packaging

After bottles have been filled and packaged correctly, they next need to get ready for transport. Automated case packer machines assemble products in a predefined pattern to form layers and then deposits the formed layers onto a pallet until it is full and ready for shipment. In beverage packaging, palletizers remove bottles from the conveyor and place them in the defined pattern and onto a shipping pallet. The use of palletizers increases end-of-line efficiency and keeps companies competitive in the beverage industry.

Conventional and robotic case packer machines are most commonly used in the beverage industry. Conventional palletizer machines will build a single layer by assembling bottles into the predetermined pattern and then pushing the bottles onto a layer forming area. From here, the pallet is filled layer by layer before it gets removed from the machine and sent to the wrapping station.


Robotic palletizer machines will build the outlined pattern on the pallet itself by picking the bottles from the conveyor and placing them onto the pallet, building layer by layer.

It is not unusual for frequent changeovers to occur in the beverage industry and this could potentially slow down or halt production. By automating case assembly, with solutions such as area safeguarding or barcode recognition, beverage packaging remains fast-paced and productive. Using automatic devices instead of manual labor also reduces the risk of injury to employees and saves companies time and money.

Featured Applications

Safeguarding the Palletizer and Stretch Wrapper
Safeguarding the Palletizer and Stretch Wrapper

Safeguarding areas around the palletizers and stretch wrappers can prove to be difficult because it involves multiple hazards. A scalable safety controller can help manage hazards related to the palletizer and stretch wrapper while ensuring efficient safeguarding processes.

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