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Shrink Wrapper Solutions for Beverage Packaging

End-of-line packaging in the beverage industry consolidates bottles and prepares them for shipment. Proceeding through a shrink packaging machine is one of the final steps. Shrink wrap equipment prepares assembled cases of filled bottles by surrounding filled pallets in shrink wrap, preparing it for transportation to the next facility.

Grouping individual products into larger packages commonly means that there will be bigger machines in operation during this final stage, requiring additional solutions to safely perform the required duties. By using automated solutions such as leading edge detection, LED indication, and work area and machine safeguarding, shrink wrap machines work quickly and lead to a more efficient end-of-line packaging. 

Beverage containers have gone through many changes as the industry has become more competitive. As companies take steps to lower packaging costs and produce less waste, the final stages of packaging become increasingly important. Banner Engineering offers a wide variety of products that can be successfully used throughout the entire beverage filling line, making end-of-line solutions more versatile to better fit customer’s needs.


Featured Applications

Enunciation of Safety Conditions with Visual Indication
Enunciation of Safety Conditions with Visual Indication

In order to maintain an efficient manufacturing line in the beverage industry, immediate notification of any safety issues is fundamental. Using visual and audible indication to identify safety concerns helps workers quickly find and fix the errors – returning the system to its normal operating state in a timely fashion.

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