All Primary Packaging Solutions

  1. Label Alignment Inspection

    As each salad dressing bottle leaves the label station, an iVu Series sensor, configured for a Match application, inspects the label and compares it to a preconfigured reference to determine if they match. The iVu verifies that each bottle has a label applied and that each individual label is applied straight and not skewed. If the label is missing, or incorrectly placed on the bottle, then the sensor outputs a signal to the labeling machine.

  2. Depalletizer Guarding with Muting

    Banner’s Type 4 EZ-Screen with a muting is ideal for depalletizer stations with robots because the screens ensure safety standards are maintained while allowing for a free flow of pallets, increasing throughput. The muting allows for a pallet skid to be transferred without shutting down the conveyor or robot cell, helping optimize product flow throughout the distribution center. There is a timing function set at a constant speed that allows for a continuous flow of pallets.