Dual Output Status Indication

Light-Guided Verification for Automotive Manufacturing

Traditionally, laser measurement sensors only measured distance. Banner laser measurement sensors, such as the Q4X, can measure light mode intensity in addition to distance. The ability to measure light intensity is what we call dual mode. Keep reading to learn how an automotive parts manufacturer recently used Q4X sensors and S15L Series In-Line Sensor Status Indicators to easily indicate dual output status on assembly lines.

Q4X Sensor with S15L Indicator
Challenge: Visual Confirmation of Dual Output Functionality

In a recent lighting and indication application, an automotive manufacturer was concerned with the lack of visual confirmation given from the second output on their sensors. Operators looking at the sensors were unable to see when the second output was active.

They wanted an easier way to tell that the assembly line was functioning in a timely, accurate manner. Additionally, it was difficult to troubleshoot the issues that arose on the assembly line, causing costly downtime.

A solution was needed to help workers identify the status of outputs and ensure proper production times.

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Solution: Q4X Dual Discrete Dual Indicator

The automotive parts manufacturer enabled their sensors with a two-color indicator light, which provided visual indication that both outputs were active and that the correct product was present. The S15L Series In-Line Sensor Status Indicator, in conjunction with the Q4X, turned yellow to indicate that both outputs were on, and green when both outputs were off. Output one measured distance and indicated that a rubber washer was placed on the assembly and output two, using dual mode, verified the correct color of the rubber washer. The S15L was used for quality inspection to verify that the color of the washer was correct and the Q4X indicator was use to verify that the washer was inserted in the assembly.

The light indication system for this application used several functions of the Q4X and S15L devices to enable easy visual confirmation on the assembly line:

  • Bright indication to mimic sensor power and output status
  • Connected directly to the Q4X for easy visual indication
  • Highly visible body allows for 360 degree-visibility and simple problem identification

In addition, troubleshooting became a simpler process. Operators who couldn’t see output two on the sensors were easily able to tell that everything was functioning properly. The new solution resulted in faster throughput and less downtime.

Together, this cost-effective, simple solution enabled operators to identify problems faster, save on production costs, and improve assembly processes. 


In-Line Indicator

Sensor Indicator

Both off



Output 1 on, Output 2 off



Both on



Key Benefits of S15L Series In-Line Sensor Status Indicator

Reduce downtime and increase efficiency

Machine downtime is costly and identifying the problem can be time-consuming. The S15L Series In-Line Sensor Status Indicator can be mounted on a sensor for 360 degree-visibility of power and status. With its highly visible body, it allows workers to identify and troubleshoot problems faster, which decreases downtime. Response time is quicker since the S15L is easily accessible, can be mounted anywhere, and is easy to use. In-line connection allows for simple problem identification.

Bright, highly visible indication

The 4 LEDs contained in the device produce two colors, green and yellow, to identify power and output status. Its low-profile design makes it ideal for bright indication in tight spaces. For example, the S15L can be placed in-line with part in place sensors that may not be visible to the operator to indicate that the sensor power is on (green) or that the part is in place and the output is active (yellow).