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  • Analog OMNI-BEAM Series


    • Provides OMNI-BEAM modularity with voltage sourcing analog output
    • Consists of a OPB power block and OAS sensing head
    • Offers interchangeable power blocks with 0-10V dc sourcing output and a choice of voltages:
      • 15 to 30V dc
        • 105 to 130V ac
        • 210 to 250V ac supply voltage
      • Available with choice of sensing heads in diffuse, convergent, and glass or plastic fiber optic sensing modes
      • Features a positive and negative slope of analog output
      • Produces a variable control voltage for an analog device such as a motor speed control
      • Provides independent NULL and SPAN adjustment for easy setup
      • Features built-in 10-element LED display of voltage output

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    OMNI-BEAM Analog Output Series: Sensor Heads, Power Blocks and Logic Modules (OPBA3)
    OMNI-BEAM Analog
    17 Nov 2003
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