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  • WLS15 Series

    Low Profile, Low Power LED Strip Light

    A low-profile strip light with a sleek design used to enhance visibility in a broad range of applications for workspaces and machines.

    • Low-profile design for easy installation in tight spaces
    • 12 or 24Vdc operation in one model
    • Completely sealed with an IP67 rating for use in wet or dusty environments
    • The rugged construction and polycarbonate shell resists shock and vibration while remaining lightweight
    • LED lighting technology saves energy and minimizes replacement costs
    • Brackets and connectors are available to keep installation simple
    • Draws half the current of other lights for a low power device and high energy savings
    • Offers stability in the presence of line voltage fluctuations

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    Strip Light Comparison Chart
    24 Jun 2021
    Specifier's Guide