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  • Wireless Solutions Kit

    For Vibration, Temperature, Humidity, Tank Level Monitoring & More

    Wireless Solutions Kits are fully integrated and easy-to-use solutions for monitoring assets and solving specific applications. They are designed to make it easy for users of any experience level to setup a wireless network, collect remote data, and create visualization tools, warnings, and alarms.

    • Available for a variety of applications such as vibration, temperature, humidity, tank level, and pressure monitoring 
    • No programming is required. Plug in the box, bind the nodes through the HMI screen, install the sensors and nodes, and start collecting data
    • Includes pre-programmed DXM700 wireless controller, pre-programmed 25.5 cm (10.1 inch) touchscreen HMI, and 5-port industrial Ethernet switch
    • HMI provides graphical displays of collected data, baselines, thresholds, warnings, and alarms
    • Access raw data right on the HMI or via the cloud from any network accessible location
    • View up to 7 days of data history on HMI screen and archive over 30 days of logged data in CSV files
    • Increase productivity by using warnings and alarms to quickly identify and resolve potential issues

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