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    Packaging applications typically involve a number of processes before a product can be shipped. It’s beneficial to automate as many of these processes as possible. Automation ensures efficiency, improves consistency, and prevents error.

    In this application, one of the final steps in the packaging process is to seal the flaps using hot glue. It’s necessary to verify that the hot glue has been applied before the package can be sealed.


    T-GAGE M18T Series Temperature Sensors are passive, non-contacting, temperature-based devices designed to detect objects that are hotter or colder than the ambient condition, and then activate an output.

    In this application, the T-GAGE temperature sensor will detect the presence or absence of hot glue on the flaps of the package. If the hot glue is present, the process will continue and the package will be sealed. If it’s absent, the output will trigger a process to apply the hot glue.

    The T-GAGE temperature sensor detects the infrared light energy emitted by objects using a thermopile detector, made up of multiple infrared-sensitive elements (thermocouples), to detect this infrared energy within its field of view.

    The temperature sensor can be programmed in two ways. The first is to TEACH the sensor a hot limit and a cold limit. The sensor will then establish a single sensing threshold midway between the two taught conditions. The second method is to teach limits using Dynamic TEACH. This can be done while the application is active. Dynamic TEACH will sense the high and low temperature limits of the process and automatically set the threshold at the midpoint between these limits.

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