Machine Status Indication in Automated Clinical Laboratories

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Application: Alert clinicians of lab procedure status

Challenge: Numerous laboratory conditions and statuses within one machine

Solution: K50L2 indicator light and TL50 tower light

Benefits: Sealed and sturdy housing with long-lasting, clear LED lighting

Any delays during sample processing reduces the overall efficiency of the clinical laboratory and in a busy setting such as a lab, machine processes could be overlooked. Adding exterior indication lights onto laboratory automation equipment is an easy way to provide clear machine status alerts for the clinician so the task can be completed quickly. 

Bright, Bold Indication Withstands Washdowns

Installing LED lights, such as the K50L2 indicator or TL50 tower light, provide bright and even illumination for process status indication. Different colored lights represent different machine statuses, such as test completion or if samples have exceeded the time limits and need to be removed.

Both the K50L2 indicators and TL50 tower lights are rugged and cost-effective ways to indicate machine status. The K50L2 light is made of IP67/IP69K polycarbonate housing that withstands exposure to cleaning chemicals. They can even be purchased with an audible alarm to provide another clear notification of status.

LED lighting provides very bright illumination so that operators can easily see the changes in status and complete the necessary call to action. These lights have simple wiring for quick installation as well as many brackets and cables making them incredibly versatile and adaptable to the needs of the application.

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Torrette luminose da 50 mm: Serie TL50
Torrette luminose da 50 mm: Serie TL50

Le torrette luminose Banner TL50 sono progettate per assicurare un'indicazione eccezionalmente brillante visibile a lunga distanza e forniscono agli operatori e ai supervisori informazioni chiare sullo stato operativo. I modelli dotati di funzioni di comunicazione IO-Link sono facilmente integrabili nella maggior parte delle reti industriali e possono essere controllati e monitorati a distanza.

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