Monitoring Pressure Levels on Large Systems

To ensure that an industrial refrigeration system is operating properly, coolant pressure levels need to be monitored at multiple points in the system. Read on to learn how Performance Series all-in-one wireless pressure sensors make it easy to monitor pressure levels on large and complex systems.

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Monitoring the Health and Efficiency of a Complex System

A large-scale food processing facility uses an industrial refrigeration system to store their products and ingredients. Pressure levels can fluctuate throughout the system but need to remain relatively constant and within a recommended range for the system to operate at peak efficiency. Excessive or insufficient pressure levels at certain points can strain the system, increasing operating costs and reducing the operational life of the system. 

Monitoring pressure levels at specific points in the system provides staff with insight to the health and efficiency of the entire system. Issues, like a compressor failure or a leak in the line, can be identified and responded to quickly, before further damage can occur or product is affected. However, accessing these points can be difficult. The system is large and complex with components and subsystems located in multiple rooms at the facility. Deploying staff to read the gauges and record the data at each point is labor intensive, time consuming, error prone, and impractical.

Getting Critical Data from Hard-to-Access Equipment

Banner’s Performance Series all-in-one wireless pressure sensors make it easy to monitor pressure levels in the refrigeration system from any network-enabled location. These one-piece pressure sensors house a Sure Cross® wireless radio and are powered by an internal lithium battery. Deployed at critical points throughout the system, each all-in-one sensor will measure local pressure levels and communicate that information over a Sure Cross wireless network to a DXM wireless controller.

The DXM wireless controller collects sensor data, sends it to a Cloud Webserver, and distributes status updates at regular intervals to other wireless devices in the local network. Wireless TL70 tower lights located throughout the facility and at the supervisor’s station receive updates from the DXM and illuminate the light segments accordingly, providing easy, at-a-glance information about the health of the system. Email and text alerts are sent to staff by the DXM for any significant or sustained increase or drop in pressure levels in the system, enabling staff to respond quickly and appropriately. 

Benefits of Performance Series All-in-One Wireless Pressure Sensors

One Cost-Effective and Easy-to-Deploy Device

These all-in-one devices combine a media isolated pressure sensor, a wireless node, and a battery power supply. They are less expensive than purchasing separate sensors and nodes and the one-piece design eliminates the time and labor of installing separate devices. They integrate easily in applications where infrastructure, movement, or mobility make wired solutions impractical, ineffective, or cost-prohibitive.

Data-Driven Decision Making

All-in-one wireless pressure sensors can be used with Connected Data Solutions software and a DXM wireless controller to create a complete, end-to-end IIoT solution. The software helps users make better decisions about their equipment by providing tools to analyze and visualize sensor data collected over time. This web-based platform can be accessed anywhere at anytime using an internet-connected device.

Data Security, Network Stability

Wireless devices from Banner Engineering bind together and will not accept data from other radios. They are designed to transmit sensor data only and cannot route data packets or receive malicious web pages or executable files, making it impossible for content to be forced into the system. Devices acknowledge and error check all communications to ensure data accuracy and network health.

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