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    Monitoring the temperature of a kiln or oven isn’t difficult, unless it is a rotating kiln.

    Taking measurements on rotating equipment, such as a kiln or rotary table, usually requires a complex and expensive system of cabling. Even taking precautions and using specialized equipment doesn’t eliminate cable tangles and breaks, making the monitoring of rotating or moving equipment an ideal application for a wireless sensor network.


    The SureCross Wireless Sensor Network eliminates complexities associated with data acquisition from rotating and moving machinery such as a rotating kiln. Crucial temperature data is acquired using a thermocouple or RTD and transmitted from the FlexPower Nodes to a remote Gateway in the plant's control center.

    Data is always concentrated in the same location for processing or analysis, and manual data collection and physical risks to personnel are eliminated. Temperature data is logged and analyzed and users have the ability to set specific alarms for excessive heat or a temperature reading that indicates the kiln has unexpectedly shut down.

    Banner’s DX99 devices are certified for Class I, II, and III, Division 1 and Zone 0 environments, enabling data collection from unsafe locations requiring intrinsically safe operations.

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