Multicolor Indicators and Illuminated Touch Buttons Simplify Machine Panels

S22 Indicators and Touch Buttons on a Machine Panel Image

Application: Communicate machine status and guide operators through machine processes and operation

Challenge: Complex machines require panels capable of supporting multiple functions. Machine panels with many buttons and indicators can complicate communication and hinder machine operation.

Solution: S22 Series multicolor indicators and illuminated touch buttons and Pro Editor software


Simplified Ordering and Stocking: S22 Series indicators and touch buttons can be programmed in the field to meet the needs of any application. Users can standardize on the S22 Series, reducing inventory costs and spare part stocking requirements.

Broad Display Capabilities: The wide range of standard and custom display options available allow users to select unique colors and animations for specific functions, making it easier to initiate processes, operate equipment, and identify errors.

Panels Supporting Complex Machine Functions

Control panels are integral to operating machines and monitoring machine functions. Panel requirements can vary wih each machine.  As machines add functions and capabilities, control panels can become complex, even confusing, making efficient operation and effective monitoring difficult.

Multicolor Indicators and Touch Buttons Give Machines a Voice

S22 Pro Series touch buttons and indicators simplify control panel design and improve operator experience and performance. They have brightly illuminated flat surfaces and utilize RGB LED lights to produce a wide range of color options right out of the box. Installed on a control panel, each touch button and indicator can be used to communicate status conditions and guide operators through machine processes.

Pro Editor software expands the built-in display capabilities available with the S22 Pro Series. This free and easy-to-use software provides users with access to a wide range of predefined color and animation options. Using the intuitive graphical user interface, each device can be programmed for a custom display to align with specific machine functions, simplifying complex communication. This versatility allows users to standardize on the S22 Pro Series and program models to meet the needs of any application.

A Versatile, Reliable Solution for Any Industrial Control Application

S22 Pro touch buttons require no physical pressure to operate and are easily activated by a bare or gloved hand. They utilize smart electric field sensing to resist false triggering caused by the buildup of detergents, oils, and other materials, as well as direct water spray. They can even be configured for latching or momentary output using Pro Editor software.

S22 Pro Series indicators and touch buttons have an attractive matching design for a consistent look on all equipment. Their flush-mount design, a 22 mm housing, and flat surface are ideal for use on machine panels, cabinets, and other industrial control applications.

S22 Pro Series 22 mm Programmable Multicolor Panel Indicator
S22 Pro Series 22 mm Programmable Multicolor Panel Indicator

22 mm Flush Mount Multicolor RGB Indicator with Seven Color Flashing Input Control and up to Fourteen Color Options.

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Software Pro Editor per indicatori
Software Pro Editor

Questo software consente agli utenti di personalizzare facilmente i loro indicatori con una ricca varietà di colori e opzioni di animazione sul campo, senza bisogno di IO-Link.

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