Introduction to XS26-2/SC26-2 Multipage Navigation [Video]

Introduction to XS26-2/SC26-2 Multipage Navigation
2 min  37 s 

This tutorial will review multipage navigation, a helpful tool for growing safety I/O numbers and when using multiple safety zones and functions. This software tutorial video is meant as a reference tool only. It was created as a guide to help you through the general steps involved during the installation process. It is important that you read and follow the Safety Manual included in the software prior to installation.

2 min  37 s 


In this tutorial we will review Multipage Navigation that will be helpful as safety I/O numbers grow or when multiple safety zones and functions benefit from multipage organization.

From the Functional View Page 1, click 'Add New Page' in the upper right hand corner.

After adding a page, you'll be in a new Functional View and can begin to build additional safety functions that later can be added back into Page 1 and terminated to safety outputs.

Always review the manual for full details on set up and configuration to adhere to safety standards for your application.

In this example, we'll add 3 gate switches and change the default input configuration to demonstrate that the software will remember your last choice.

And we'll simply add these together, and an End Gate, and move back to Page 1, so we can add the A3 we just created as a reference signal.

Note that the A3 reference signal has a dashed line around it to identify it as a reference signal from another page.

And also note that you can add the End Gate to the middle part of the screen.

Also note on Page 2 that the A3 has a dashed line around it again to identify it as a reference signal being used on another page.

In our next tutorial we'll download a configuration to an active controller and use the Live Display feature to highlight trouble shooting and machine commissioning capabilities.

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