WLS27 LED Strip Light [Video]

WLS27 LED Strip Light
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Banner Engineering's WLS27 LED Strip Lights have sturdy internal aluminum structure, encased in shatterproof, UV-stabilized, copolyester shells, making them ideal for harsh indoor and outdoor applications.

55 s 


Introducing Banner’s new WLS27 LED Strip Light. 

The unique round design and laser marked labels make it perfect for multiple applications. 

And with 8 lengths and 6 colors to choose from, the WLS27 can handle all your industrial lighting needs.

It’s also extremely durable.

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WLS27 Shatterproof LED Light for Harsh Environments
WLS27 Shatterproof LED Light for Harsh Environments

Le strisce luminose a LED WLS27 sono protette da gusci in copoliestere antiurto e sistema di tenuta ridondante per prevenire l'infiltrazione di acqua. Ogni illuminatore assicura una luce brillante e uniforme anche in condizioni ambientali difficili.

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