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    Automated Secondary Packaging Solutions

    Bliss boxes, trays, and flexible overwraps are rapidly replacing regular slotted containers (RSC). The use of pouches and other irregularly shaped primary packaging increases the complexity of forming, handling and transporting products. Vibrant, colorful graphics as well as clear or reflective materials can be difficult for many sensors to detect reliably.

    Banner’s industry knowledge, expertise in sensors, LED lights and indicators combined with one of the most comprehensive product catalogs in the industry allow us to offer products and solutions that specifically address these challenges, improve efficiency and increase product throughput. We are experts in advanced optics, LED, laser, and photoelectric circuits, offering high-performance, easy-to-use sensors capable of solving some of the most challenging applications in secondary packaging. Our full line of vision and image sensors provide comprehensive inspection capabilities for label verification, bar code reading, optical character recognition and date/lot code inspection. LED lights and indicators provide years of brilliant bright illumination and status indication.