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Bypass Capability on a Robotic Work Cell

Operators need bypass capabilities during start-ups, shutdowns, or process transitions at the point of entry to a robotic work cell. However, a sudden emergency stop while a robot is in operation can damage equipment. Learn how the OS80 key operated selector switch solves this challenge.

Application: Stopping a Robot While In Operation

A combination of hard guarding and a safety laser scanner are used to prevent staff from entering a robotic cell during a work cycle when the motion of the robot poses a hazard. Work cycles can vary in length, and periodically an operator will need to enter the robotic cell during a work cycle. Shutting the robot off with an emergency stop button, while sometimes necessary, will bring operations to a sudden halt. This can damage the robot as well as the material being worked upon.

Using a 2 or 3-position OS80 key operated selector switch, the operator can bring the robot to a controlled stop, enter the cell, and then quickly resume operations once work in the cell is complete.

The OS80 Operator Station is deployed at the point of entry to the robotic cell. During normal operation, the key switch is in the RUN position and the two-color indicator in the base of the device shines bright green to indicate that the robot is in operation.

To enter the work cell, the operator simply turns the key from the RUN position to the BYPASS position. This action prompts the robot to begin coasting to a controlled stop and causes the indicator light to change color from green to yellow, providing a clear alert to all staff that operations have been suspended.  When the robot has come to a complete stop, the operator can safely enter the robotic cell.  Once the operator and any other staff has exited the cell, operation can be resumed by returning the key to the RUN position.

Benefits of OS80 Operator Switch

Easy-to-Install in Any Location

The one-piece design combining actuator and indicator in the same housing simplifies deployment by eliminating the need to install separate devices.

Reliable Operation

OS80 key switches are easily actuated by a gloved or bare hand without worry of false actuation.

Clear Confirmation of Device Actuation

The tactile operation and bright illuminated base indicator provides unmistakable mechanical and visual feedback when the OS80 has been actuated.

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