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Pallet Detection for Conveyance Equipment [Success Story]

Pallet Detection for Conveyance Equipment Image

Modified PVD100 multiple beam array sensor integrated into case palletizer machinery.

Customer Requirements: Reliably detect the leading edge of pallets in palletizing and depalletizing equipment 

Solution: PVD100 Pick-to-Light Sensor modified for pallet presence detection

Why Banner? Reliability – Four beam sensor creates a high-reaching light screen

Cost-effective – Complete emitter/ receiver array in a single component

Customer Benefits

LED Light Display – High-visibility red and green lights indicate operational mode 

Durability – Metal enclosure with heavyduty bracket protects against hazards


A leading manufacturer of conveying equipment designs and builds high-quality, low-cost conveyance solutions. The pallet equipment they develop is expected to reliably convey, palletize and depalletize thousands of pallets and unit loads annually. This equipment must be able to sense a wide range of different pallet types and sizes to ensure the proper packing and unpacking of pallets and avoid line slow-downs, pallet crashes and collapses.


Single beam retroreflective sensors are commonly used in similar applications. However, the company found that these required frequent adjustments to detect many pallet variants. A multiple beam sensor performed well, but the detection zone was too small to ensure consistent pallet detection. The manufacturer asked Banner Engineering to provide a cost-effective and reliable solution.


Banner recommended a modified PVD100, a versatile, easy-to-use and robust light screen capable of reliable operation in challenging conditions. It has a detection height of 100mm with a scanning range of 2m, ideal for pallet detection, even where features are inconsistent from one pallet to the next. Only one PVD100 sensor, a strip of reflective tape and a single power supply per machine was required for the application, limiting expenses and reducing complexity.

The modified PVD100 came ready to operate right out of the box, requiring no setup or adjustments. It features a wide beam pattern, making alignment easy. The sensor has an unobtrusive low-profile form factor, ideal for integration into existing designs. It is housed in a rugged metal enclosure and offers an optional heavy-duty mounting bracket.

Cost-Effective Pallet Detection Solution for Conveyance Equipment

A leading manufacturer of conveying equipment asked Banner to help them reliably detect the leading edge of pallets in palletizing and depalletizing equipment.

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