Remotely Power, Control & Monitor AC-Powered Devices with New Wireless Nodes & Multihop Radios


The integrated I/O featured on the new Sure Cross® Wireless Performance Series P15E Nodes and Multihop Modbus H15E Radios enables users to wirelessly power and control any connected device(s) and easily monitor device status and performance. This is an easy-to-deploy way to remotely control lights, fans, motors, and other AC-powered devices without the hassle or expense of running cable.

Key Benefits

Remote access and automation: Power any connected AC-powered device and control DC output voltage to that device from any network accessible location. Using a DXM wireless controller, users can set timers to automatically turn devices on and off as needed.

Increased uptime and efficiency: Track on/off status, runtime, downtime, and other critical information from connected devices to optimize usage.

Preventative maintenance: Identify potential problems before failure occurs by monitoring energy consumption and other device performance metrics. This ensures problems can be addressed during scheduled maintenance and helps prevent unplanned downtime.

Power additional devices: Users can power an additional 24 VDC device, like an additional node and sensor

Featured Products

Gateways und Knoten der Bauform Performance
Gateways und Knoten der Bauform Performance

Erstellen Sie Point-to-Multipoint-Funknetze, die E/A über große Bereiche verteilen. Eingangs- und Ausgangstypen umfassen Schalt-E/A (potentialfreier Kontakt, PNP/NPN), Analog-E/A (0 bis 10 V DC, 0 bis 20 mA), Temperatur-E/A (Thermoelement und RTD) und Impulszähler.

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